One-on-One Coaching Program

Client Testimonials

Kent Wales

Happy Laundry - Spokane, WA

I met Dave Menz at the CLEAN Show in 2019. Shortly after meeting him, I began using him as a coach/mentor. A few years late, I can directly point to his coaching as a $150,000 increase in my company's profitability. I couldn't recommend his expertise any more!     

Joe Capasso

EZZ Washateria - Houston, TX

After only a few sessions of Dave's coaching, our business's profitability was changed forever. It was as if the skies opened up and God spoke to me!

Linda Dang

Commercial Property Investor - Houston, TX

Dave is clearly very passionate about the laundromat business, entrepreneurship and helping others. His approach to mentoring is from a servant heart which I believe is rare these days and very much appreciated. Dave listened, asked questions and provided guidance to help me evaluate the best course of action for my specific situation. I truly felt like I was speaking with a friend and would highly recommend him as a resource and ally in your business.  

One-on-One Coaching Program Details

$5,000 includes

  • 2 One-Hour One-on-One calls with Dave as scheduled by you.
  • Unlimited texts and emails with Dave.
  • Alacarte Pricing of $300 per hour for any additional calls with Dave, if needed.
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