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What You Will Learn From This Webinar:
Secret #1: 
Is The Laundromat Industry Right For You?
Owning a laundromat is not for everyone, but can be a life-changing opportunity for those willing to put in the work!
Secret #2: 
What Does The New Owner's Program Include?
Learn what topics are covered in the online course, as well as the follow-up coaching to guide you on your journey as a successful owner.
Secret #3: 
How Will This Program Change Your Life?
Dream of owning your time rather than trading it for a paycheck? Successful business ownership gives you both freedom and financial reward!
Testimonials - Proven Results

Jesse Kuhns, Sr.

Laundromat Owner - Laredo TX

 I recently completed your course and found it to be everything you said plus some. I only wish I had taken it BEFORE I purchased my laundromat. The section on finding a distributor was invaluable and I would've loved to see your valuation of laundromats before purchasing.

That being said, there was still SO MUCH information that I took the course twice just so I had a chance to digest it all. I wish I had started with your course! I think it would have catapulted my learning so far so that when I started to research laundromats, I would have been able to separate the gems from the trash.  

Aaron McLean

Laundromat Owner - Detroit MI

 Strategies for Accelerating Your Success in Modernized Laundromats is an essential tool for anyone looking to enter the laundromat industry.

The course is absolutely jam packed with lessons that Dave as a successful laundromat owner has learned in his many years of experience.

This course fills a void that has been in the industry in that Dave has synthesized the elements necessary to enter the industry and be a thriving success.

This resource can also help improve your current store or grow and scale your operations to become a multi store owner.

I am aware of no finer resource available to the public that exists on entering the laundromat industry and highly recommend this fantastic training.     

Kent Wales

Laundromat Owner - Spokane WA

 I met Dave Menz at the CLEAN Show in 2019. Shortly after meeting him, I began using him as a coach/mentor. A few years later, I can directly point to his coaching as a $150,000 increase in my company's profitability. I couldn’t recommend his expertise any more! 
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